Today we will be talking about the Mac Book air 13 inch display. The 2013 version isn’t as high in pixels as much as other apple computers or the actual Google Chromebook pixel. I know Iv’e already done a review on the Mac Book air, but this is just saying that the 2013 had a much better processor, Intel core i5, but not as dense in pixels on the screen as most other apple products you probably use! That’s our TTR for today,


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New Voyager External Hard Drive

This external hard drive can bring you up to 500 gigs or even 1 terabyte of extra storage. It can also bring you wifi anywhere you go! Why would you get this? If you are someone who is very into multi-media then I would check this out. It can bring you a whole lot more space and wifi anywhere so you can edit videos on the road, or even stream live TV. Well, if you do not do much and just want the wifi anywhere part, there are much cheaper choices for that. Well, that’s your TTR for today. Stay tuned in for all of you laptop review needs. Well, until next time, this is Mike.

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Leap Motion

The Leap Motion is pretty much a way to control you Mac or PC by not having to touch anything. It is really convenient because all you have to do is download a few applications and just use finger and hand gestures. Now, I don’t understand why people would need or want this, but is is a very cool way to work your computer. It comes in at about $79.99 depending on where you buy it, and come with USB cords which hook it up to your computer. That’s our TTR for today,



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This new IOS from apple for iphone, ipod, and ipad is very interesting. Some say apple is copying Windows Phone, Galaxy, and Android. Now is this true? You can leave your comment in the Comment box. Give your true opinion. Now, with this completely new animated design with new features might just change the way you use your apple product. Its completely animated and really different. You do not HAVE to upgrade but I’m almost positive that apple will push it. You can multi-task differently and your bookmarks save differently as well. There is also a new feature called ”air drop” pretty much allows you to share wifi. If you would like something else to use, watch this,, it may help you more if you want to watch it. Well, there’s my review today!

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Google Chromebook

Hey, it’s Mike again! I have an interesting line of machines to review today! They are the Google Chromebooks. Acer C7, Samsung, HP Pavilion, and the Chromebook Pixel. And by the way the Chromebook pixel does not have a retailer, it’s actually made by google. First, we will be reviewing the Acer C7 Chromebook. Now for $199.99, you get the same software as all the other chromebooks, just different hardware and a har drive. The Acer C7 is alright for the price, but if your getting a PC for $199.99 I would not expect too much if I were you. It come with an alright screen, most of the ports you will need, and a normal style keyboard and trackpad. It also comes with the usual hardrive, which, of course, comes with fans to cool off. This makes the laptop thicker. So, for the first Acer C7 you have something to think about. Next, you have the Samsung Google Chromebook. Same software with a plastic style iluminum, chicklet style keyboard, and pretty smooth trackpad for $250.00, I would personally say this better than the Acer C7, but its up to you. Also a plus for me, it does not have a hard drive so it doesn’t over heat and doesn’t have fans. The next Google Chromebook would be the HP pavilion. It is your basic HP computer, and in my opinion, it’s very nice. It has a very reflective hardware, and a basic HP style keyboard and trackpad. It also runs the same software as well. This one comes in at $329.99. And last but not least, The google chromebook pixel. This ultra-book has everything you would expect on the hardware but more. It is made of iluminum (black) and it has a little light bar at the top of the top of the computer. The keyboard is very nice, as well as the trackpad. And, for the best hardware feature, it’s touchscreen! Also, it runs the same chrome OS software as all other chromebooks. This one comes in at about $1299.99. Now if you have the money, and you like the pixel very much, go for it. But, if you are my age or don’t want to waste much money, I would go for the Samsung or HP. For school, the samsung is highly suggested. I use it for school, middle school, and its never been better with all my writing needs. It is just great, and even though you need wifi to use it, unless you get the 3g version for $80 more, I would suggest this for work, school, and just plain recreation. Well, thanks for reading,


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Windows Surface RT

Hello, it’s Mike again. Today we will be talking about the new Windows Surface RT. This tablet/PC is just amazing. From school to work, recreation to relaxation, this tablet is great. It comes pre-installed with Windows 8/Windows RT, which means you can do all Windows features such as Power Point or Word. Now if you are a student no matter if your my age (middle school), or high school, college, or a grown up, this a an amazing tablet that I strongly sunggest. Also if you like to actually type on a keyboard, the $100 magnetic touch pad is great. So, I do personally love this tablet, and if you are looking into the tablet industry, then pick up a Windows Surface RT. Thats my review today,


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Hello, and welcome to Tween Tech Reviews

Hello, my name is Mike. I will be helping you with all of your technology needs. Don’t think of me any different just because i’m a kid. Actually, it may help. I will give you all of my reviews plus a little of a middle schoolers prospective! Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

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