Google Chromebook

Hey, it’s Mike again! I have an interesting line of machines to review today! They are the Google Chromebooks. Acer C7, Samsung, HP Pavilion, and the Chromebook Pixel. And by the way the Chromebook pixel does not have a retailer, it’s actually made by google. First, we will be reviewing the Acer C7 Chromebook. Now for $199.99, you get the same software as all the other chromebooks, just different hardware and a har drive. The Acer C7 is alright for the price, but if your getting a PC for $199.99 I would not expect too much if I were you. It come with an alright screen, most of the ports you will need, and a normal style keyboard and trackpad. It also comes with the usual hardrive, which, of course, comes with fans to cool off. This makes the laptop thicker. So, for the first Acer C7 you have something to think about. Next, you have the Samsung Google Chromebook. Same software with a plastic style iluminum, chicklet style keyboard, and pretty smooth trackpad for $250.00, I would personally say this better than the Acer C7, but its up to you. Also a plus for me, it does not have a hard drive so it doesn’t over heat and doesn’t have fans. The next Google Chromebook would be the HP pavilion. It is your basic HP computer, and in my opinion, it’s very nice. It has a very reflective hardware, and a basic HP style keyboard and trackpad. It also runs the same software as well. This one comes in at $329.99. And last but not least, The google chromebook pixel. This ultra-book has everything you would expect on the hardware but more. It is made of iluminum (black) and it has a little light bar at the top of the top of the computer. The keyboard is very nice, as well as the trackpad. And, for the best hardware feature, it’s touchscreen! Also, it runs the same chrome OS software as all other chromebooks. This one comes in at about $1299.99. Now if you have the money, and you like the pixel very much, go for it. But, if you are my age or don’t want to waste much money, I would go for the Samsung or HP. For school, the samsung is highly suggested. I use it for school, middle school, and its never been better with all my writing needs. It is just great, and even though you need wifi to use it, unless you get the 3g version for $80 more, I would suggest this for work, school, and just plain recreation. Well, thanks for reading,


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